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The LIVE Crash Course on
"Real Estate & Tax Lien Investing"
is right around the corner.

This must attend event is going to give you the tools, guidance, & resources you need to make 2019 a win in your own local market or accross the USA.

Here’s Just Some of the Powerful Information
You’ll Learn When You Attend:

Newly Developed Curriculum

#1 The 5 Most Profitable Strategies Under the Tax Lien Investing Umbrella:

  1. Tax Lien Certificates
  2. Foreclosable Tax Lien Certificates
  3. Tax Deed Properties
  4. Redeemable Deeds
  5. Commissioner’s Sales
#2 In-Depth Training on our 14-Point Research Process – This process is the core foundational training you must learn first to quickly identify highly profitable tax lien certificate and tax deed investments.
#3 You’ll Learn the Most Effective Real Estate Investment Strategies for the Texas Market that are Proven and Working Right Now in Today’s Recovering Economy.
#4 Most Effective Methods for Acquiring Tax Lien Certificates, Foreclosable Liens, Tax Deed Properties, and Redeemable Deeds:

  1. Live In-Person Auctions
  2. Live Online Auctions
  3. Over-the-Counter:
    1. In Person
    2. Online
    3. Direct Mail
#5 Market Selection – One of the biggest factors that holds many of our new clients back is simply not knowing which markets to get started in. You’ll leave this powerful training knowing exactly which markets you will get started in.
#6 Mock Auctions – You’ll participate in mock auctions with actual tax lien certificate and tax deed property examples so you can experience exactly how auctions run in real life scenarios.
#7 The Top 4 Property Acquisition Strategies, specifically:

  1. Tax Deed Properties
  2. Redeemable Deeds
  3. Foreclosable Tax Lien Certificates
  4. Commissioner’s Sales
#8 Our Proprietary Fully Improved Lot Strategy – This is the strategy that catapulted our career, and enabled us to generate over $5,200,000.00 our first full year in business.
#9 Investor Partnerships / Securing Investment Capital – In our opinion, everyone must learn how to form partnerships with investors. It’s literally the most effective way to generate huge business as a beginning investor.
#10 Proper Business Structure Training – For tax purposes and complete asset protection, you must be structured properly. You’ll leave this training knowing exactly the proper business structure for you. It’s very simple, very basic, and absolutely necessary.
#11 Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP) Training.
#12 Actual Case Studies, Case Studies, and More Case Studies – We’re going to walk you step-by-step through actual case studies in all of these categories: Tax Lien Certificates, Foreclosable Tax Liens, Tax Deed Properties, Redeemable Deeds, and Commissioner’s Sales.

Each Class is Strictly Limited to 60 Students
~ Sorry No Exceptions ~

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This new 3-Day Intensive Tax Lien Investing Training is by far the single most powerful introductory training we’ve ever developed to help beginner’s absolutely catapult their success….

Additionally, this event is always one of the best networking opportunities to meet new and exciting people, future business partners and high-powered investors!

If you want to be successful in 2019 and beyond, you have to take action and hang out with other people who are experiencing the success you desire.

To Your Success,

Tony Martinez
Co-Founder, U.S. Tax Lien Association

P.S. This amazing hands-on, completely interactive, intensive training workshop is strictly limited to 60 students maximum per class – sorry no exceptions. This limit assures the effectiveness of your learning experience.

P.P.S. Just a reminder that everyone must have a physical ticket to get in the door. Once you register, you can download your valuable tickets immediately.